Most Fun Gym (MFG) – the MX park for all!

We take a peek inside the Most Fun Gym (MFG) motocross park in Sungai Penchala.


Motocross riding is a seriously fun affair. Just ask any professional rider and they’ll tell you the same thing. And it seems that the Most Fun Gym motocross park in Sungai Penchala aims to bring that fun closer to all.


Opened sometime last year, Most Fun Gym (or MFG for short) is owned and operated by 63-year-old Oh Kah Beng. If the name sounds familiar to you, Kah Beng is in fact a living legend in the local motorcycle racing scene having raced two-stroke GP bikes back in the day – a story we’ll save for later.


“When I was offered this piece of land by the owners, they told me to turn it into fun place for all. Naturally, knowing that some of the most popular motocross paths are too far away from the city, I saw this unique opportunity,” said Kah Beng as he explained how the idea and concept of MFG got off the ground.


Tucked away up in the green hills of Sungai Penchala (near Damansara and TTDI), the premise is any motocross rider’s dream. The best part? MFG welcomes all walks of life regardless of skill level and age to come and try it out.

In other words, both novices and seasoned riders alike are welcomed here. Here’s what you ought to know about this dirt-busting haven.


The course
MFG features three separate course layous. First comes a short ‘Beginner’ track that’s comprises of a near-flat figure-8 layout. Next comes the slightly longer ‘Intermediate’ layout that features small jumps and banked dirt corners.

The third layout, which is the ‘Advance’ layout, is reserved for those who have passed the first two courses and for highly experienced MX riders. As you can see from the featured video, the jumps here high and will easily sate any avid MX rider’s appetite for some ‘airtime’.

Coaching classes
Novices can sign up for any of the three coaching packages available. First of which here is a basic two-hour trial lesson that costs RM300. Next to it is MFG’s five-hour long plan that’s split into two sessions across two days – one session per day. This is priced at RM600 (price based on KX bikes).

But if you seek the proper and full experience, MFG also offers an eight-session package. Each session lasts for two hours, and this package costing just RM1,600 in its entirety.


Kah Beng himself will conduct the classes. Our junior editor recently had a go with his first trial lesson and, without any doubts, the retired national GP bike champion is one effective coach indeed.

Coaching Package Duration Price Per Pax
Trial / Pay n Play 2 Hours RM300 (KX) / RM350 (YZ125)
Basic 5 Hours RM600 (KX) / RM700 (YZ125)
Full 16 Hours (2 Hours x8) RM1,600 (KX) / RM2,000 (YZ125)
Own Bike (With Protective Gears) 2 Hours RM150

BR_MFG_Feature_-9According to Kah Beng, the only pre-requisite here is that participant must know how to ride a bicycle at least. In short, MFG welcomes even the most greenest of novices to sign up for MX riding lessons in its premises.

And just before you think these classes are for newbies or the young only, Kah Beng reminded, “For veteran or experienced riders alike, it is always good to go a ‘refresher’ course once a while, and this is something we can provide as well.”


As far as age in concerned, the park welcomes riders from as young as six years old. Believe or not, MFG recently welcomed a 75-year-old grandmother as one of its newest members, and she’s living proof that you’re never too old to get started with MX riding.

Kah Beng further adds, “Dirt-riding isn’t just fun, it’s the best way to improve your riding skills too. If you can master riding on dirt, then riding on the road or track will be a cinch!”


Gears – rentals and retail
If you’re a true novice with little to no gear at hand, then worry not as MFG will sort these out for. MFG will be able to loan you a helmet plus all the necessary armour comprised of a knee + shin guards and elbow guards as well.


The only requirement here is that all participants must wear long jeans, ankle-high sports shoes and a long-sleeve top made of tee-shirt material. We recommend high-socks to go along with those shoes and perhaps investing in a proper MX dri-fit jersey.

Should you wish to buy your own MX gears instead, then you’d be glad to know that MFG also acts as a retailer for several brands such as Shark helmets and Furygan apparels.


Bike rentals
MX bike rentals are also available here in MFG, with the cost of which being packaged together with the coaching lessons. There’s a variety of vehicles to choose from starting with mini bikes and quad-bikes for kids and beginners.

There’s also mid-sized pit-bikes for intermediate riders, as well as full-sized two- and four-stroke MX bikes available. The latter however is reserved for the highly experienced.


Can I bring my own bike?
For the experienced MX enthusiast with your own bikes and gears, worry not as MFG also offers special track rental rates. For this, MFG charges just RM150 per bike for two hours of track time in total.

“I chose to keep this very affordable so that I can boost the local MX community here. You don’t have to travel so far and, at the same time, you don’t have to spend too much money as well,” explained Kah Beng about these affordable and special rates he devised.


The MX park for all
If you’re an avid MX enthusiast living in the Damansara, TTDI, Petaling Jaya or even Mont Kiara areas, MFG will easily cater to your dirt-busting needs. MFG operates daily from 10am to 6pm.

You’ll need to place your slot bookings in advance, especially for weekend sessions. You can place your bookings by calling Kah Beng direct via mobile: +6012 277 1770. Alternatively, you can also place your bookings by calling the park’s administrator Ms Julisa Neoh via: +6012 207 2516.

NOTE: MFG currently doesn’t have credit card facilities just yet. You’ll need to prepare cash or perform online transfers beforehand with the latter made through Maybank account number 514271051585 (OH KAH BENG).


How do I get to MFG?
If you’re familiar with the Sungai Penchala area, MFG is actually located near the Lotus Cars and Audi Damansara flagship centres. More specifically, it is sited within the City Car Plaza compound – drive uphill upon entering the gated warehouse.

For those unfamiliar with the area, you can refer to the map we’ve attached below. You can reach Kah Beng or Julisa Neoh via the aforementioned hotlines.

Alternatively, you can also stay in touch with MFG through its official Facebook page as well. Don’t forget to check out more images in the gallery we’ve prepared at the end of this post as well.

Most Fun Gym (MFG) – The MX Park For All!

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