FMX rider does epic backflip over a stunt plane!

Daredevil FMX rider and friends perform insane backflip stunt over a stunt plane.

Yes, you read the title right, someone took a motocross bike and did a backflip over an aircraft in flight with it. The rider in question is none other than freestyle motocross (FMX) ace Jimmy Fitzpatrick who successfully performed the stunt recently in the Southern California desert.

In what was dubbed as a world’s first stunt attempt of its kind, Fitzpatrick’s mission was to perform a backflip astride his motocross bike over a stunt plane piloted by stunt pilot (and femme fatale!) Melissa Andrzejewski underneath him. Clearly, this stunt would demand nothing short of perfect timing and speed from the FMX rider plus some highly precise flying from the pilot.

However, Fitzpatrick also had another challenge added in this stunt besides pilot Andrzejewski and her stunt plane. Roped into this death-defying feat too was highliner Sketchy Andy Lewis who would highline himself next to Fitzpatrick simultaneously during the stunt attempt.

It all sounds crazy at first, but as you can see in the featured video, FMX rider Fitzpatrick executed his backflip perfectly as pilot Andrzejewski flew precariously underneath him and the highliner, with both pilot and FMX rider miraculously dodging highliner Fitzpatrick too.

Honestly, we’re unable to decide who’s the bravest amongst the trio – the FMX rider, the nutter on the tightrope or the crack stunt pilot who’s also a blonde bombshell!

Source: YouTube via MCN

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