A Flying BMW R1200GS Adventure LEGO set?

  • Futuristic LEGO Technic design concept called the “Hover Ride”

  • Collaboration between BMW Motorrad and LEGO

This is not your ordinary Lego blocks that you used to play with back in the day. This is also not the kind that you pretend to help your children with but secretly enjoying building your own LEGO creations. This is a collaboration between BMW Motorrad and LEGO who came up with this 603-piece Lego Technic BMW R1200GS Adventure Model 2-in-1 kit. You want to build an R1200GS replica? You can but wouldn’t it be better if it’s a futuristic flying motorcycle instead? Presenting the “Hover Ride Design Concept”.

As the famous saying goes “Boys don’t grow up, they just grow bigger”, it is a perfect way of summing up what the BMW Junior Company (the brains behind the LEGO concept) will attempt to do; build a full-size replica of this hovering R1200GS.

The BMW Junior Company is actually the German’s auto manufacturer training unit. It sounds like the division is filled with wonder and creativity if they can come up with this cool idea.

The Hover Ride Design Concept is what we all have dreamt about ever since we were little boys. Even  though that day might still be far away, this LEGO set will no doubt bring joy and happiness to any bike enthusiasts out there. Think about how awesome this model will look on your work desk. It may be just a concept but all innovations start out as an idea.

If all goes well, punctured tires will be a thing of a past and talk about ‘flying’ through traffic jams.

To know more about LEGO Technic, you can visit their official website or their Facebook page.


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