Ducati Signs Deal with Vmoto to Produce Electric Scooters

  • Ducati has tied up with Chinese electric scooter and motorcycle manufacturer Vmoto.

  • The scooters will be rebranded as licensed products.

  • It will be a luxury version of the current Super Soco CUx scooter.

Ducati has tied up with Chinese electric scooter and motorcycle manufacturer Vmoto. The deal should see a Ducati-branded electric scooter before the launch of a fully-electric Ducati motorcycle.

The deal licenses Vmoto to build Ducati-branded Super Soco CUx electric scooters as “official products under the license of Ducati.” Soco is a sub-brand of Vmoto.

However, as expected, the scooters will not be any run-of-the-mill bikes. Instead, these will be a special luxury version of the CUx and sold at premium prices.

The deal also says that Vmoto will distribute the scooters to their distribution network. Ducati, on the other hand, will carry out the marketing duties.

If the upcoming scooter is based on the CUx, the performance figures ought to remain the same. Currently, the 2019 model uses a 3.75hp Bosch hub motor which gives it a top speed of 45 km/h. That isn’t a lot, of course, but it is applicable to the speed limit in heavily urbanized areas.

Its 1.8 kWh battery pack gives it a range of up to 75km. Other novel features include a built-in forward-facing camera for safety and sharing to social media purposes.

We are a little surprised by Ducati’s move, frankly. But the Italian manufacturer has also worked with a bicycle manufacturer and marketing the bike. Perhaps they are looking at a holistic approach, rather than just sticking to the big bike market only.

We shall see what they have in their sleeves by Intermot and EICMA this year.

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