Drones proved as effective enforcers for Negeri Sembilan JPJ

Drones proved their worthiness as effective enforcers in the hands of Negeri Sembilan JPJ, and they plan to acquire more.

  • Negeri Sembilan JPJ sees highly effective enforcers in the form of drones during Hari Raya Ops.

  • Said department had deployed two drones that successfully caught offenders.

  • Negeri Sembilan JPJ expresses plans to fleet more drones for enforcement use.

The Negeri Sembilan Road Transport Department (Negeri Sembilan JPJ) plans to add five more drones in an effort to improve enforcement efforts in the state.

According to the Director of JPJ Negeri Sembilan, Hanif Yusabra Yusuf, the use of drones was effective during Operation Hari Raya Aidilfitri (HRA) 2022 which ran since April 29. Hanif explained that this is the first time the drone has been widely used in such a major operation during a festive holiday.

“A total of two drones have been used in the highway area which is focused on the use of emergency lanes while on the main road to detect offenses of violating red lights and cutting lines. During this operation, two JPJ officers were deployed to control the drone with 30 summons notices issued (drone monitoring) for the main offense,” explained Hanif to local daily Utusan.

Hanif further adds that his department also plans to have its officers undergo training in order to better operate their drones. The use of drones has been effective in dealing with traffic offenders by catching offenders in the act, especially for offences such as misusing the emergency lane, running red lights and queue-cutting. – Utusan aims to bring you the latest motorcycle news reviews videos and entertainment for everything related to motorcycles from around the world.

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