Choosing The Right Motorcycle Jacket

A simple guide in helping you choose the right motorcycle jacket that suits your bike, desired style and usage.


For most people, when they think of a motorcyclist riding down the road, they picture a black, leather jacket. However, the world of motorcycle jackets has not only evolved, but spread out across a plethora of different styles, fits, purposes and protective-based motorcycle apparel.


No longer are the days of the Fonz (Happy Days) with a simple leather jacket – now riders can choose products that have mesh-breathable linings, in-lined protective padding and even materials that can change from soft to hard on impact.


Know Your Climate
One of the first things you’ll need to know before you search for the perfect motorcycle jacket is the type of weather you’ll likely encounter. Motorcycle jackets now have interior lining that can help you stay warm if you ride through cooler weather. Additionally, if you’re in a particularly rainy climate, you should focus on finding motorcycle gear that is weather-proof and moisture-resistant.


What Type Of Material Is Your Jacket?
Several motorcycle leather jackets are made from cowhide, which is renowned for being durable and strong. Another source of leather is buffalo and kangaroo hide. This leather is not as thick as cowhide, but still offer superior protection and comfort on the road. Generally, the thicker the leather, the more protection you will have on your bike.


However, what about riding in weather with hot days and cool nights? Super thick leather might be a little too much, but luckily, there are plenty of options that use micro-elastication technology to make the jacket fit more comfortably with additional perforation to allow the material to breathe.


Other materials include Gore-Tex 2 layer laminate technology, which will keep you dry no matter the climate. Most of these types of jackets have moisture wicking mesh material and ventilation ports that will allow you to be comfortable and dry if the weather changes from rain to heat.


Choosing Your Style
Since there are a wide variety of motorcycles available, there are nearly just as many jackets to choose from to fit the style you need. There are different types of motorcycle jackets that vary from sport and race, casual and crossover, café racer-inspired leather and adventure and touring apparel.


Again, you simply want to choose a style that fits you and your motorcycle’s aesthetic. There are no rules against mixing and matching with gear and types of motorcycles. On the other hand, you want to have a piece of apparel that is built for your specific type of riding.

Sport and race jackets typically have slimmer fit and rather a simple style. Some other premium leather sport and race jackets are built with protective plastics in the arms, elbows, shoulders and back. Other casual type leather jackets are standard and basic leather cuts to give you plenty of protection without a lot of technology intertwined.

For riders who do long hours in the saddle and encounter various weather conditions, choosing a breathable Gore-Tex blend might be more suitable.

BR GS Trophy 2016
Protection And Armour
For dirt and dual terrain riders, safety is one of the primary concerns. If you ride in rugged or dirt conditions, you have to expect rougher falls with the unpredictable terrain. Also, this may persuade you to buy something that can be easily washed.


Investing in a jacket that has maximum protection in joint areas and your back is critical to staying safe in harsh and rugged terrain. The style and armour changes with each jacket, but choosing a style that protects you the most should be the important decision.

Stay safe and keep those wheels turning.

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