BMW’s range of scooters have been due for an upgrade for a while now.

Well the upgrades have happened and the latest range were unveiled at EICMA.

04_P90196861 copyThe new C650 Sport and the C650 GT feature extensively modified drivetrains, better suspension settings and a completely revised design for the C650 Sport.

03_P90196951 copyStill powered by the twin-cylinder in-line 647cc engine, both models feature 60hp at 7500hp and 63Nm of torque at 6000rpm. A less powerful variant with 48hp and 54Nm has also been introduced.

07_P90196934 copyBoth models also feature a new CVT transmission with new clutch linings that enable optimised clutch engagement for better acceleration. This was done by changing the transmission ratio as well as by fine-tuning the centrifugal force weights.

10_P90196956 copyDespite the updates to the powertrains, both models retain the same suspension construction. Both models continue to use the torsionally stiff hybrid composite structure consisting of a tubular steel bridge frame and a die-cast aluminium unit in the area of the swinging arm bearing. Also retained is the 115 millimetres spring travel which was deemed comfortable enough and a perfect compromise between sporty flair and comfort.

22_P90196943 copyBMW has also ensured that both scooters adhere to its ‘Safety 360’ principle with the optimum design of the brake system in conjunction with the standard BMW Motored ABS Bosch 9.1 MB ensures the very highest level of active riding safety. Also standard now is the Automatic Stability Control (ASC).

25_P90196840 copyA world first feature for two-wheel vehicles have been included for both bikes with the first motorcycle rider assistance system called the Side View Assist (SVA). This new option for the C650 GT supports the rider when changing lanes by monitoring the blind spot.

24_P90196941 copyOther updates include new instrument dials, new handlebar trim, revised kinematics of the centre stand, and the automatic daytime riding light, as well as three new pain jobs that include Valencia Orange metallic matt, Lightwhite non-metallic and Blackstorm metallic.

29_P90196899 copyAn overview of the new features in the C 650 Sport and C 650 GT:

  • New CVT set-up in conjunction with revised clutch linings for more dynamic clutch engagement and a more spontaneous set-off response.
  • New suspension and damping set-up for an ideal compromise between
    sport and comfort.
  • In addition to ABS, now also ASC as standard for maximum safety when
  • Completely new, dynamic design for the C 650 Sport.
  • Detailed stylistic fine-tuning for the C 650 GT.
  • New silencer for a fuller sound and more dynamic appearance.
  • New instrument dial design.
  • New handlebar trim elements with chrome applications.
  • New, higher-quality surfaces (graining effects).
  • Automatic daytime riding light.
  • Revised kinematics of the centre stand for easier use.
  • New rider assistance system Side View Assist (SVA) for the C 650 GT.
  • New paint finishes for the C 650 Sport: Valencia Orange metallic matt, Lightwhite non-metallic and Blackstorm metallic.
  • New paint finishes for the C 650 GT: Blackstorm metallic, Frozen Bronze metallic and Lightwhite non-metallic.

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