BMW Motorrad chart record sales again

BMW Motorrad ends first half of 2016 with new all-time sales record with 80,754 delivered.

The new BMW C 650 Sport (2)

German motorcycling powerhouse BMW Motorrad celebrated yet another record breaking sales performance as it ends the first half of 2016. The firm delivered a total of 80,754 motorcycles and maxi-scooters worldwide during this period.

Said figure marks a healthy 3% increase compared to the figures in charted during the same period in 2015. Having successfully delivering over 80,000 units in this six month period for the first time in its history, the firm looks set to achieve it goal of charting a new all-time retail high for the year.


In its press statement, BMW Motorrad highlighted that much of this was fuelled by growth in a number of major European markets. These include Spain (+22.6 %), Italy (+6.9 %) and France (+5.6 %).

Its biggest sales increase however was recorded in the Chinese market where it charted a whopping 74.3% growth with 2,388 units delivered in total. Closer to home, BMW Motorrad also saw highly positive sales growth in Thailand where sales rose up by 62.6%.


Leading the German brand’s charge here is none other than its flagship go-anywhere adventure bike, the BMW R1200 GS. With the current model in its fourth year of sales, its supply increased 3.8% this year with 14,630 units delivered.

2016-BMW-R1200GS-Adventure4The higher spec BMW R1200 GS Adventure also recorded a sales growth of 12.5% with 11,732 units delivered in the first half of 2016. BMW Motorrad further noted that the R1200 GS Adventure made up 44.5 % of all boxer GS motorcycles sales this year.

Coming in third were the sales of the BMW S1000 XR adventure sport model with 5,480 units delivered. Its sibling the BMW S1000 RR superbike, on the other hand, came in fourth with sales totalling 5,291 units during this period.

For the second half of 2016, BMW Motorrad reckons sales will continue its healthy pace of growth. At the same time, the firm in banking on additional stimuli from an upcoming new and second model from its “Heritage” line, not forgetting the highly anticipated market launch of the new entry-level roadster – the BMW G310R – in October.

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