Updated: BMW Malaysia lowers bike prices

In conjunction with the first ever BMW World Malaysia, BMW Malaysia yesterday introduced the latest S1000RR and the much awaited R1200R. Two of the most loved bikes in the world.

The S1000RR is powered by a water and oil cooled, four-cylinder, 999cc engine. The lightweight engine produces 198hp at a screaming 13,500rpm and 113Nm of torque at 10,500rpm. It offers super advanced electronics to for maximum performance and safety, and is hailed as BMW’s Panigale killer.

The new BMW R 1200 R (1)

The R1200R on the other hand is the ultimate naked tourer with classic good looks, and now with sporty riding dynamics. It is powered by an air and liquid cooled four stroke flat twin engine, with double camshafts and one balance shaft. It puts out 125hp at 7,750rpm and 125Nm of torque at 6,500rpm. It too features a host of electronics, but this time, it has been better suited for touring comfort and safety.

Not only are these two of the finest bikes from the Motorrad stable, but at this post-GST time in Malaysia, the two represent something special – lower prices.

The S1000RR previously retailed for RM118,000 for the base model, with extra for the Competition Package and the Tricolor (updated). The new S1000RR (model code: OD10) however can now be yours for RM108,900.

The legendary R1200R tourer, with its stylish, sporty good looks is now priced RM91,900. It was previously priced at RM108,000.

The price reduction does not quite extend across the board though, with some models being only a couple hundred ringgit cheaper. You can refer to the old and new price list below:

BMW Motorrad Price List


And this is how much you would need to fork out monthly to own a BMW Motorrad machine:

pricelist r1200r s1000rr

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