Bell shows off helmet with integrated 360-degree video camera

Bell displays new helmet concept with an integrated 360Fly 360-degree video camera.


American helmet manufacturer Bell Helmets showed off its latest concept product at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas. Headlining its display was a full-face motorcycle helmet that featured an integrated 360-degree video camera.

Based on the brand’s Star series full-face model, it features a detachable 360-degree video camera mounted at the top part of the shell. The camera system employed is sourced from renowned American brand 360Fly. The camera boasts 4k quality high definition video recording abilities plus a claimed maximum battery operation period of two hours.


Other highlights include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, along with a GPS sensor for location geotags, as well as a barometer/altimeter and an accelerometer that provides additional data with the video.

Interestingly, Bell Helmet’s parent company BRG Sports states that the new helmet will also have collision avoidance alerts for the rider, alerting the rider of dangers outside his/her field of vision via the camera’s wide angle vision. Bell hasn’t shed more details on this collision warning system, but did state that it will be testing it out over the coming months prior to the helmet’s arrival in the market.

Also undisclosed was the 360Fly-equipped Star helmet’s retail price. Given that the 360Fly camera retails for approximately £400, you can expect this camera-integrated version of the Star full face helmet to cost significantly more than the reported £499.99 asking price the basic Star helmet model commands.

Sources: Visordown / Xbhp / MotorcycleDaily

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