Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter To Enter Europe In 2024 – KTM AG

The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter will go on sale in Europe in 2024 through KTM dealerships.

  • The Chetak electric scooter is Bajaj’s first attempt at electric two-wheelers.
  • The Chetak is currently on sale in 27 cities in India.

The confirmation news came from the top man in KTM AG, Stefan Pierer. 

“We will be launching Chetak in 2024. It may hit roads post-March, as it is a starting time for the on-road season. 

“The price point will be very competitive, and it will be taking on products from Chinese and Taiwanese companies. It will be across all central European markets,” said the CEO. 

Interestingly, Pierer confirms that the electric scooter will continue to carry the Chetak brand due to its rich history.

“The second generation is a very nice product. We will use it as Chetak, it is a known brand, and we will be saving money on marketing and digitalisation. 

“Secondly, Chetak stands for its famous history in India, and it will help us too,” he added. 

Meanwhile, KTM is also developing its own 48-volt electric motorcycle alongside Bajaj. 

However, detailed information regarding the project is still unavailable. 

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