Anthony West furious with FIM – claims Marquez & Rossi cheated

It seems that Anthony West, a once motorcycle racer with huge potential to make it into the big leagues, is extremely upset with how FIM has treated him in the past few years with claims to destroy and ultimately end his racing career.

In his latest post on Facebook, there were a lot of wild things that the furious 38-year-old Australian stated, even related to MotoGP world champions, Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi.

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We’ll just post it as how Anthony West did (because any attempt to paraphrase it will probably lose the ground-breaking effect the Australian was going for).

I quit. I’m done. These corrupt people are out of control and out to destroy me. I raced in Brazil a championship That was a NOT FIM affiliated. Now they invent their own rules like they have control over me racing there. They already stopped me from racing there by going to Kawasaki japan and making them stop my sponsorship in Brazil.

I hate life as it is, and I was trying to do my best to come back broke. Kicked out of home from my dad. I have no money. And can’t get a decent job as all I have done in my life was waste my time racing motorcycles. What a loser I am! Here is some advice to everyone don’t think you will ever make it racing by working hard. If you want to win, pay for it $

They let Marc Marquez win a Moto2 championship buy cheating with his ECU. When Tom Luthi’s team went to complain they said to keep quite Spain needs a new champion. You have to accept 2nd place or less. Or you won’t be racing here again next year.

They let Rossi win all his 500cc championship by giving him special tires made for the tracks they were on. They used to helicopter tires in from the factory only for Rossi. So, he could win races. Everything you see is fake and controlled. Don’t believe anything you see. They control who wins races and who doesn’t. I’m so f**king angry ? I have a 100 other stories like this. I give up. I planned on coming back racing in September, but I can’t take this shit from FIM anymore. It’s destroyed my life to the point I wish I was dead. I hate life. F**k you again FIM.

We sure hope that there’s a bright side of all this for poor Anthony West. It has been a tough few years for the Aussie, despite having made quite an impact in MotoGP, Moto2, WorldSBK, ARRC, and more.

Anthony West Launches Tirade Against FIM

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