V Oiler chain lubrication system


Lubricating or oiling the chain, its a must for all chain driven bikes and failure to do so will result in accelerated wear and if not careful a breakdown by a snapped chain.

And if you are like me, one of the most irritating things to do is oiling the chain. Chain lubrication is a tedious job especially if you don’t have a paddock stand or built-in centre stand.

You risk your back from a slip disc, dropping the bike and theres even a few cases of loosing a digit or two. So in my search of making my biking life easier, I went around and did some asking and digging.

The solution has to solve a few possible nagging nuisance related to oiling the chain. The main criteria are that it has to be easy to use and in no part needs to tap anything on the bike in order for it to work.

While on a biking trip with a buddy, I noticed that he had this small translucent container, containing to what looks like oil on the opposite side where the rear brake reservoir is located.

He told me it was a local product developed by the adventurer Hadi Hussein who was made famous for riding his Modenas cubchai all the way to London and then a few other places.

It was at the perfect timing as I was just a few days away from making a long trip with my bike to the world famous Phuket Bike Week.

A quick ride over to Hadi’s V Care Centre in Taman Medan, near Sunway and the kit was installed in less than an hour which included a chain wash just to get the old grease out and to be replaced with his self developed chain oil.

The kit consists of the oil container, some flexible tubing, mounting parts, the drip-heads and the abovementioned chain oil.

Everything is secured in place using double sided tape and cable-ties, no drilling or screwing needed.


Half of the provided chain oil went into the oil reservoir on the bike, and you can top it up yourself when its low. The system works using gravity, with a quick press and release of a button on top of the oil canister, the oil flows into a secondary chamber before slowly going into the tubing and finally to the drip-heads.


At the drip-head, the oil will go on to the inner left and right sides of the rear sprocket and using the spinning motion created while you are on the move, spreads the oil evenly on to the chain.

So, after four months and almost 6000km clocked, its safe to safe to say that the V Oiler have really changed my biking life.

As mentioned, oiling the chain is as easy as pressing the button and ride. You don’t need to carry a can of chain lube anymore even on long rides.

Also because of the way the oil is spread on to the chain using the spinning motion of the sprocket itself, the oil is spread evenly and coats it properly. No mess no fuss.

How about oil drips on the wheels? That may happen if you tend to use more than whats needed, its easy to see that and according to Hadi, generally all you need is a squirt for every 200km.

I have yet to finish all the oil provided at the installation and was told the refill is just RM25 and the whole kit is about RM200.

A highly recommended investment for any bike big or small, as long as it comes with a chain.

For more information, contact Hadi at 03-7770 9937 or look up V Care Center in FB.