Is the 2018 Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen coming to Malaysia?

Rumours about the 2018 Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen has been circulating following the news on the possible launch of the new 401 series.

The new 701 Vitpilen is already available in Europe and it’s quickly gaining traction amongst motorcycle enthusiasts.

With a beautiful design and top of the range specs, the UK market has priced it at £8,999 (RM49,807).


Husqvarna is well on its way to penetrate into the world of road bikes. With the introduction of the 2018 Husqvarna 401 Vitpilen and Svartpilen, we’re left with a couple of questions in mind. These questions are on when will the 401 arrive here in Malaysia and will they bring in the Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen as well?

We recently wrote a report regarding the 401 being launched here in Malaysia in the near future. While we’re super excited about these ‘neo-retro’ machines, we’re also left wondering regarding their bigger brother, the 701 Vitpilen. Currently, the new 701 road bike is already available in Europe and many motoring media members in the area have begun testing the new beast.

Initial impressions indicated that the 701 Vitpilen is indeed an impressive machine upon looking at the specifications. Equipped with one of the world’s biggest single-cylinder engine, its 692.7cc liquid-cooled engine is said to produce a very promising 75hp and 72Nm of maximum torque at 6,750rpm. Primed with a Ride-by-Wire system, power delivery is as ‘sharp and refined’ as any road-going motorcycle gets.

Other impressive standard features include fully-adjustable WP Suspension package, all-around Brembo brake hardware, traction control system, bilateral easy shifter, and a long 10,000km service interval are all included in this very beautiful package. The latest ABS unit is also there to further elevate the bike’ safety feature but it can be turned off for expert riders.

The UK market has already priced the 2018 Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen at £8,999 (RM49,807 after direct conversion). If the bike is made available here in Malaysia, the best case scenario for the 701 Vitpilen would be somewhere between RM60,000 to RM70,000. Any more expensive and it’ll be hard to fight against other bikes in the same category.

As for the question of when, a few sources have pointed towards the bike coming to our shores in the second half of this year. One thing is for sure, the 2018 Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen is a beauty.

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