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Honda has filed a patent for a revolutionary motorcycle mirror design specifically targeting unfaired bikes.

  • The design places the mirrors underneath the handlebars rather than above them, offering riders three key advantages.
  • the lower position mirrors helps to improves visibility.

According to reports by Cycle World,  the new layout improves visibility by positioning the mirrors so that the view is unobstructed by arms and elbows. This concept has already been successfully implemented on Honda’s Japan-only Hawk 11 café racer, albeit in a different configuration.

*the illustration showcase the comparison between the line of view from a conventional mirror and the lower-mounted mirror.

Second, because the mirrors don’t have to be placed far out to the sides to see around the rider’s body, they can be positioned more inboard. This reduces the aerodynamic forces acting upon them, thereby affecting the bike’s steering less.

Lastly, being closer to the steering axis lessens the inertia from the mirrors’ weight, resulting in better steering response and feel.

Despite technological advancements in rearview cameras, the patent highlights the enduring relevance of traditional mirrors, which are not hampered by issues like adapting to varying light levels.

Honda’s next-gen CB1000R, a high-performance model, is rumored to be the first bike to feature this innovative mirror layout.

(source: Cycle World)


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