Sayap Impian charity event

  • The Kawan Awan “Sayap Impian” charity event ran its course yesterday where 135 foster home kids and 4 terminally-ill children took their maiden flight for a tour of Kuala Lumpur.

  • Organised by Nik Huzlan aka “Captain Nik”, this unique charity event is all about giving a whole new experience to the children.

  • The event was supported by Triumph Motorcycles Malaysia, Triumph RatPack members, Kenanga Investors, Rimba Raid Team, and many more.

Boarding an airplane might be a normal occurrence for some of us who are frequent travellers. The entire experience of taking off in a flying machine is always magical, especially when it’s your first time. That’s what one particular person did yesterday for a group of children from foster homes and terminally-ill children. (more…)


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