Saudi women driving

  • The driving ban in Saudi Arabia has been officially lifted earlier this week.

  • Women all over the kingdom are already operating vehicles and enrolling in driving schools.

  • Due to a lack of female riding instructors, only a small group of women managed to start learning how to ride in the capital.

Image source: Arab News

It was a historic moment for all Saudi women earlier this week as the driving ban was finally lifted after decades of oppression. Media all over Saudi Arabia erupted with joy as women everywhere began their journey of operating their own vehicles in the kingdom. (more…)

The Saudi women motorcycle ban will be lifted in the middle of 2018 following the announcement made by Saudi Arabia.

The future lifted ban will not only allow women to drive cars but also lorries and motorcycles.

Saudi Arabia will lift the ban after several decades of protests and oppression.

Image source: Motorcycle USA

Good news from Saudi Arabia! Following the announcement that the driving ban for women in Saudi Arabia will be lifted on June 2018, their Ministry of Culture and Information has just announced that the future lifted ban will also include riding motorcycles and driving lorries! (more…)


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