The French government has expanded its noise radars from Paris to other places around the country.

  • Noise radar detects any motorcycles that register more than 90dB.
  • The technology is expected to expand across Europe.  

Dubbed the “Medusa”, these noise radars feature a 360-degree camera with several microphones to capture vehicles that fit loud exhaust.

The purpose of the noise radars is to stop the public from fitting loud exhaust to their vehicles, especially motorcycles.

Why motorcycles? According to L’Automobile Magazine, bikers have become a nuisance in the village of Saint-Forget in the Yvelines region, with over 500 bikers with loud pipes disrupting the tranquillity in the area. 

Politicians in the Chevreuse Valley also claimed that it is common for motorcycles to record up to 130dB in the area. 

That said, French authorities have introduced a limit of just 90dB, with those caught can be fined as much as EUR135 (RM600).

According to previous reports, the technology is set to be introduced across Europe, with the UK set to follow suit after testing similar technology in some areas. 

Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has announced a 30km/h speed limit in the French capital with motorcycles and scooters have to pay for parking starting next year.

The speed limit will take place on all of Paris city streets by August this year; however, the ring road will maintain its 50km/h rule.

According to Hidalgo, the new rule is part of the city initiative to transform Paris into an environmentally friendly city and turning it into a pedestrian haven.

Furthermore, the city will start charging parking fees for every motorcycle and scooter and cut the current 140,000 street parking to just 60,000 to make more space for pedestrians.

Based on reports, Paris wants its people to use bicycles or public transport including walking to get around the city centre.

(Source: Bangkok Post)


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