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Cardo Fam, get ready to rev up your riding experience to a whole new level with the latest and most thrilling update from Cardo System – the Cardo Record Intercom Recording Feature.

  • This revolutionary addition brings a whole new dimension to your motorcycle journeys, allowing you to capture every exhilarating moment and preserve your epic conversations with ease.
  • The new feature is only available for the Packtalk Edge and Packtalk Neo. 

The new feature designed to make your rides more memorable than ever before. Now, as you embrace the freedom of the open road, you can also create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. With just a tap of a button, you can record your rides in high-quality audio, ensuring that no thrilling moment is ever forgotten.

Imagine reliving that breathtaking mountain pass, the soothing coastal ride, or that adrenaline-pumping race track experience – all at the tip of your fingers. The Cardo Record feature lets you do just that, preserving the essence of your motorcycle adventures like never before.

The voice recording function also allows you to capture those memorable conversations with your riding buddies. Whether it’s sharing a good laugh, discussing life’s intricacies, or planning your next road trip, you can now save these moments and cherish them forever.

To enjoy the new feature, owners of the Cardo Packtalk Edge and Neo can simply download the latest firmware, and you’re ready to roll. Once installed, you can easily start and stop voice recordings with intuitive controls, ensuring you can focus on the road while capturing the magic.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to operate the recording feature:

Ducati and Cardo Systems have teamed up once again to release their latest communication device for motorcycle riders, the Ducati Communication System V3 (DCS3).

  • Ducati Communication System V3 is based on Cardo’s latest Packtalk Neo.
  • The Packtalk Neo now painted with iconic Ducati red and has a range of 1.6km.  

Building on their previous collaborations, the DCS3 is essentially a red-painted version of the Cardo Packtalk Neo, which sits between the Slim and Edge models of the Packtalk range. With a range of 1.6km, the DCS3 can connect up to 15 riders, allowing for seamless communication while on the road.

In addition to connecting with other riders, the DCS3 can also connect to the user’s phone, GPS, or motorcycle dashboard via Bluetooth. With Mesh connectivity technology, the DCS3 can leave and rejoin groups automatically, without the need for user intervention.

The DCS3 has a battery life of 13 hours and takes just two hours to fully charge. For those in a rush, 20 minutes of charging can provide up to two hours of talk time. Software updates for the DCS3 can be easily downloaded and installed via USB or the Cardo Connect app.

While Ducati has not yet confirmed the price of the DCS3, the Cardo Packtalk Neo retails at €369.95 in Europe, which may provide some indication of the device’s cost. The DCS3 is already available at Ducati dealerships, although it is not yet available for purchase online.

For the record, Cardo Systems has been producing communication systems for motorcycle riders since 2004, and the Ducati Communication System V3 by Cardo is the third product to emerge from their successful partnership. With its range of features and easy-to-use design, the DCS3 is sure to be a hit among motorcycle enthusiasts looking to stay connected while on the road.


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