k 1200 lt

Powered-assisted centre stand was an option back in 2004 with the BMW K 1200 LT, which combines electrics and hydraulics to allow for easier lift. 

However, the latest patent application has confirmed that the German marquee is set to bring back the electric centre stand but with improved features. 

According to Cycle World, the component works like a conventional centre stand but minus the effort. Therefore, it differs vastly from the slow, push-button-operated system on the K 1200 LT. 

While we understand that an electric-powered centre stand is not a priority for modern motorcycles, some would appreciate such innovation, typically riders who need help to lift a 300kg beast. 

Also, if it’s relatively cheap to develop and does not affect the price tag, we’d say go for it. 

The patent tells us that the power comes into play when the stand touches the ground after you push it down with your foot. That said, the conventional way of applying the centre stand still applies in this case. 

The system also allows the stand to be retracted manually without waiting for it to retract electrically. 

Nevertheless, similar to other patents, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the system will be incorporated into production bikes anytime soon. However, with BMW expected to debut a range of heavyweight motorcycles, there is a possibility that the system could be adopted earlier than expected. 

(source: Cycle World)


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