jog 125

Compact scooters is the preferred choice for daily commuting around the city. Which is why pint sized scooters are always in demand even for those who rides big bikes.

  • Yamaha Jog makes a comeback in 2022 with an all-new engine. 
  • Features spacious underseat storage and equipped with Yamaha’s Smart Motor Generator for quieter startups. 

Countries in Asia including Japan are always seeking for  pint-sized scooters to stroll around town at ease. As such, Yamaha has released another budget friendly scooter in the form of the Jog 125.

If the Jog nameplate sounds familiar that’s because the a scooter with the same name made its debut back in 1983.

At the time, the Jog is equipped with a small 2-stroke engine but the latest generation Jog is powered by a 125cc single cylinder Yamaha Blue Core engine capable of producing a reasonable 8.2hp. 

Despite its small size, Yamaha claimed the Jog 125 has a range of 200km with a full tank and has a spacious 21.3L of underseat storage. 

Also important to point out is that the Jog 125 comes with Yamaha’s Smart Motor Generator (SMG) which function as the bike’s stator as well as starter motor. 

This allows the bike to execute silent startups. 

In addition, the Jog 125 only weighs at just 95kg, making it easy for riders to manoeuvre the bike around town and tight traffic easily. 

There’s also a hook at the front for you to hang your groceries bag if needed. 

The Yamaha Jog 125 is on sale in Japan for JPY225,200 (RM7.1k). 


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