internal combustion engine

BMW has no plan to develop hybrid motorcycles and will only focus on internal combustion engines and electrification.

  • The CE 04 electric maxi-scooter was launched earlier this year.
  • BMW will release a new electric drivetrain every 18 to 24 months.

The confirmation news came from BMW’s Vice President of Customer, Brand and Sales, Dr Alexander Wehr.

“The hybrid solution has always been an important step, but it has always been an in-between step.

“We can see on the car side that the trend is towards fully electric.

“On motorcycles, there is no upside of a hybrid drivetrain if you can have an electric drivetrain. We will keep pursuing both internal combustion engines and electric, and they both fit very well – not only to scooters but to motorcycles,” he told MCN.

BMW has already gotten things going in the electric department after rolling out the CE 04 fully electric maxi-scooter earlier this year.

Wehr also revealed that the company would deliver a new electric drivetrain every 18 to 24 months, confirming the firm’s commitment towards zero-emission goals.


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