front-facing camera

New patent drawings from Honda revealed that the Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin would soon be equipped with a front-facing camera.

  • Honda to feature a front-facing camera on the Africa Twin.
  • The camera will feed the necessary information to the riders. 
*image by Motorrad

The camera will monitor the traffic and feed the active rider aids with accurate data.

According to reports by Motorrad, the camera would operate similar to a smartphone camera, which uses sensors rather than a lens. 

 In addition, Honda also patented a specially-design mount for the camera. 

*image by Motorrad

The mount will protect the camera from debris and stones while on the road and also from light sources that could disrupt the camera’s operation.

Interestingly enough, the camera is not fixed in position in the mount but rather suspended to protect the camera from vibrations.

Nevertheless, while the patent showcased the camera being mounted on the Africa Twin, we expect Honda to apply the same features to future models.

(Source: Motorrad)



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