Updated Triumph Street Triple in 2020?

Photo credit RideApart.com
  • The Triumph Street Triple will be updated for 2020.

  • A filing with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) shows updates to the exhaust system and emission levels.

  • The new bike looks to have new headlights and radiator shrouds.

Filings with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) suggests that the Triumph Street Triple will be updated for 2020.

With the spate of updates and new model testing carried out by Triumph, it’s perhaps of no surprise that the rip-roaring fun Triumph Street Triple will also be updated for next year. 2019 is a busy year for all motorcycle manufacturers as they prepare for the implementation of Euro5 emission standard in 2020.

However, updates to the Street Triple isn’t confined to just the engine or exhaust system. The bike will get a makeover, as well.

The headlights will be more streamlined, while retaining that praying mantis look. Robo mantis, anyone? The radiator shrouds are also new.

However, suspension and wheels look identical to the 2018/2019 model. The frame and subframe look somewhat different, though. The upper spar looks more streamlined and squarish, compared to the present one which is rounder.

According to the document, the exhaust collector hides two catalytic converters, one more than the present one.

The picture shows the bike undergoing road tests. The GIVI top case tacked on behind the rider contains the data logging equipment.

Interestingly, Triumph submitted two models in the CARB document, leading us to believe that only the S and RS versions will be available henceforth.

Source: Ride Apart, Motorcycle.com



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