This 81-Year-Old Grandmother Won A BMW C 400 X Maxi-Scooter

created by Polish

Maznah Harun was caught off guard after discovering she had won a BMW C 400 X maxi scooter from MBSB Bank Bhd.

  • The BMW C 400 X were among the top prize for MBSB “Simpan Berganda Menang Bergaya” campaign.
  • The 81-year-old took home the maxi-scooter after a year of saving at MBSB.

The 81-year-old grandmother was among the winners of the MBSB Bank “Simpan Berganda Menang Bergaya” campaign after a year of saving with the bank.

Unfortunately, Maznah won’t keep the RM45,000 worth of scooter as she plans to sell it.

“I have entered many contests, but this is the first time I ever won anything.

“I will sell the scooter and the money from it will be rolled back into my MBSB Bank savings,” she said.

The BMW C 400 X scooter was among a host of prizes up for grabs during the MBSB Bank campaign, including a BMW X4 30i M Sport, Mercedes Benz A200, Mercedes Benz C200 and Mercedes Benz GLC 300 AMG.

The C 400 X is currently on sale in Malaysia for a recommended selling price of RM44,500.



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