Hot or Cold Bum, Honda Lets You Decide

  • Honda is developing a system to cool or heat the seat.

  • The rider can control how hot or cool.

  • It may be implemented in the Africa Twin or Gold Wing.

While some may laugh at the prospect of having heated grips in this hot and humid Malaysian weather, Honda is building a seat warmer/cooler system.

In a patent filing by Honda, the diagrams show pipings leading from the front and radiator of the bike to the bottom of the rider’s seat. The inlet for the cool air circuit is placed at the front of the bike. The heating circuit, on the other hand, starts from the radiator.

The rider can choose between cooling or heating, or mixing the cold and hot air to his preference. Operations are by a button mounted on the handlebar.

The way we see it is that the cooling function will definitely be a plus after parking the bike under the blazing sun.

The Honda seat temperature system should be implemented in models such as the Gold Wing tourer and the Africa Twin dual-sport bike.

Do we really need a seat or heated grips in Malaysia? Trying riding in the rain.



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