GIVI Bella Ride to Pangkor 2019 – 2nd GIVI Ladies Ride & Camp

  • The GIVI Bella group organized the GIVI Bella Ride to Pangkor.

  • The group consists of all lady bikers.

  • The event also saw the handover of the Women Riders World Relay to the group.

The GIVI Bella group organized the GIVI Bella Ride to Pangkor 2019 from 14th to 16th September 2019. The event was the second GIVI Ladies Ride & Camp event and formed the next leg of the Women Riders World Relay.

GIVI Asia Sdn. Bhd. is now fully supportive of bikers of all ilk and gender. Take for example the GIVI Bella group, which consists of lady bikers only. The group has grown strength to strength with through many activities along with GIVI since their inception just a number of months ago.

This second edition of the Ladies Ride & Camp activity came hot on the heels (no pun intended) of the popular first edition, which proved popular among lady bikers.

The Women Riders World Relay, on the other hand, seeks to empower lady bikers around the globe. GIVI was represented by Brand Ambassador Anita Yusoff who received the Women Riders World Relay baton from the group “Bad Girls Throttle.”

The ride was flagged off from GIVI Asia’s headquarters and factory in Bukit Beruntung. A total of 22 participants joined the event.

The convoy took the ladies to the jetty at Lumut, where they transferred over to Pangkor Island for some fun on the beach. The campsite was right at the beach. The participants also set up some fun and games. They even had an aerobics class the next day.

What’s the beach without a BBQ? The GIVI Bella prepared and made the BBQ themselves, which is even more satisfying than calling for catering.

The group then rode home on Malaysia Day while flying the Jalur Gemilang.

Here’s looking forward to the next GIVI Bella event and GIVI Ladies Camp & Ride.




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