2021 Benelli 1200GT unveiled – 1,200cc three-cylinder sport-tourer!

Say what you want about Chinese bikes, but they’re making some interesting moves this year, including Benelli, an Italian manufacturer owned by China’s QJ Motors. The 2020 Chongqing Motor Show is the starting point of a whole new generation of bikes and one of them is this 2021 Benelli 1200GT.

Marketed as the brand’s latest flagship model, Benelli pulled out all the stops for the new 1200GT. Starting with the engine, Benelli essentially took the 1,130cc inline-three engine from its previous discontinued Tornado big-boy model and bumped it up to 1,200cc. this ‘new’ engine now churns out a respectable 134hp and around 120Nm of max torque.

To put things into perspective, the BMW R 1250 RT and its 1,254cc flat-twin boxer engine produces around 134hp and 143Nm of torque. That’s right, these boys are on the same wavelength when it comes to powerful sport-touring prowess. The only difference that we think people might steer away from BMW would be the price tag, which hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

Other specs for the 2021 Benelli 1200GT are huge inverted front forks, Brembo brake system, complex electronics and hydraulic parts, analog/digital meter display combo, plus many more aspects that have yet to be confirmed, like integrated front and rear cameras.



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