Driver Beaten to Death was Drug Positive

Sometimes events in the real world have plot twists that no filmmaker could have imagined. The case of a driver who was beaten to death become the subject of much discussion lately. In particular, how could someone can beat another human being to death. However, the police has revealed that a drug tests found him positive for syabu and ganja at the time of the incident.

Selangor Police Chief, Datuk Hussein Omar Khan said the victim had 10 previous drug records, and is wanted by the police in connection with drug cases.

Datuk Hussein also revealed that the police had received two reports made by two vehicle owners against the man. They stated that the victim had hit their vehicle and fled.

On the night of the incident, the police received a call about an accident and therefore deployed traffic officers there. They found a Proton Saga car that was believed to have skidded and hit the fence of a residential area there.

They also found the driver of the car lying on the road. Paramedics arrived later and found that the victim had died. Further examination found that there were ligature marks on his wrists.

Man Beaten to Death Allegedly Running after Hitting e-Hailing Rider

Commenting further, Datuk Hussein said the police are still investigating the motive for the incident, adding that the autopsy found that there were no significant injuries on the victim that caused his death. “We are still waiting for the results of the laboratory analysis to identify the cause of the victim’s death,” he said.

At the same time, he asked the public who witnessed the incident to come forward to help the investigation. “We will see what people write on social media related to the case if we can be called to testify to help the investigation.

“We also advise the public not to exaggerate and fabricate stories related to this case. Because it will affect the investigation carried out by the police and cause alarm to the public.”

The police have arrested 5 suspects aged between 22 and 52 years old in relation to this case. They also arrested 2 more new suspects aged 22 and 39.

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