Case of Police Officer Killing Student Transferred to High Court

The case of a senior police officer who allegedly caused the death of a student was transferred to the Ipoh High Court, for a criminal procedure hearing.

The senior officer who holds the rank of Assistant Superintendent (DSP) is accused of killing a Form 5 student who was also a candidate for the SPM examination on 5 December 2023.

Magistrate S. Punitha allowed Deputy Public Prosecutor Afzainizam Abdul Aziz’s request to transfer and try the case in the High Court, in accordance with Section 177A(1) of the Criminal Procedure Code.

However, the date for the case to be mentioned in the High Court has not been decided.

On December 18 last year, Mohd Nazri was accused of causing the death of Muhammad Zaharif Affendi Muhd Zamrie, 17, at Jalan Taman Jati 1, near SMK Jati, in the Kinta district, here, between 12.05pm and 12.40pm, last December 15.

In the tragic incident, Mohd. Nazri, who was waiting to pick up his wife who is a teacher at the victim’s school, got angry when he heard Zaharif revving his friend’s motorcycle engine.

Nazri is alleged to have chased the victim for a distance of one kilometer before hitting the victim with his car, causing serious injuries to his chest and stomach. The victim’s sister, who is a nurse, was near the accident area and administered CPR to her half-conscious brother.

Unfortunately, the victim was declared as deceased by the ambulance team that arrived later.

The accused’s wife said that her husband was “hot-tempered and couldn’t listen to people revving motorcycles.”

Offences under Section 302 of the Penal Code which calls for the death penalty, or imprisonment for a minimum of 30 years and not exceeding 40 years, and if not sentenced to death shall also be punished with no less than 12 lashes of the cane.

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