Wunderlich introduces three new BMW R18 custom bars

Wunderlich releases ape-hanger, drag and beach style custom bars for you to transform your BMW R18 with.

  • BMW aftermarket accessories specialist expands product range for BMW R18 cruiser.

  • On hand now are three new custom bars that includes an ape-hanger, drag and beach styles.

  • Each option drastically alters the R18 style and ergonomics to suit specific desires.

BMW Motorrad accessories specialist Wunderlich expanded its hardware range for the BMW R18 recently. New here are three custom bars, those being an ape-hanger, drag and beach style types.

Aptly, the bar selection for the R18 that Wunderlich has prepared varies greatly across the three options – each drastically alters both the ergonomics and aesthetics of the German brand’s flagship boxer-powered cruiser.

We’ll for those seeking to give the BMW R18 a dash of Americana, to whom Wunderlich offers with a tall ape-hanger style bars. As you can see, this option practically raises the rider’s hands position right up to eye level. We reckon these would go well with custom forward controls too.

Next comes a drag bar option that promises a uniquely sporty feel through its lower and slightly forward positioning. This should prompt riders to adopt a riding position with a slight forward tuck to reach the controls, and it also provides a cleaner front end look too.

How the Wunderlich drag bar option jives with the BMW R18’s standard ergonomics (low seat height and relaxed foot controls positioning) is somewhat questionable. Like the ape-hanger bars mentioned earlier, perhaps custom repositioning of the foot controls may be required.

Thankfully, Wunderlich also has a more neutrally styled beach bar option on hand too, which offers a more moderate rise up and rearward sweep. Ideal for both general purpose and tour riding, it retains a relatively upright seating position with good leverage on the bars – useful on something this heavy.

Available now through Wunderlich’s website, these custom bars for the R18 will cost anywhere between US$442 (approx. R1,921.15) for either the drag and beach bar options, and US$496 (approx. RM2,155.86) for the extreme ape-hanger option. aims to bring you the latest motorcycle news reviews videos and entertainment for everything related to motorcycles from around the world.

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