Would you build and ride a motorcycle powered by salt water?

Argentinian university student develops motorcycle that can run on, of all things, salt water, and promises to show how.

  • Argentinian university student develops motorbike powered by salt water.

  • It uses electrolysis process to convert salt water into clean fuel.

  • Student promises to show how to build this if he reaches 10,000 TikTok followers.

An Argentinian university student by the name of Santiago Hernandez has reportedly developed a motorcycle that’s capable of running on salt water instead of regular fuel.

Hernandez, who currently studies chemistry, reportedly developed this alternative propulsion system as part of his university project. He was struck with the idea after learning about the electrolysis process.

If you remembered your basic high school science, electrolysis is the process where an ionic compound – an ion being an atom with a non-neutral charge – is broken apart into its constituent elements through the use of a direct current (DC). Commercially, electrolysis is used to create chemicals; as well as to extract and refine metals.

How Hernandez applies this in his prototype is interesting. “The prototype uses a glass jar replacing the fuel tank, in which dirty water or sea water is loaded and which feeds the electronic system to drive the rear wheel by a chain,” he explains.

“It would require structural modifications, especially with equipment similar to that of compressed natural gas (CNG),” Hernandez further added. In its present form, the danger lies in the glass jar’s risk of exploding, explaining why Hernandez recommends the use of CNG equipment.

If all this sounds interesting to you, and you have s knack for home experiments, then you’d best help Hernandez reach 10,000 followers on his TikTok account. If he reaches that goal, Hernandez has promised to create a tutorial video explaining how to build a similar system, so people can try it themselves at home.

@santyherrera01 #ciencia #salta #escuelaagricola #moto #reciclaje #viral #clubdeciencias #argentina?? #mecanica ♬ sonido original – santy herrera

@santyherrera01 #ciencia #salta #escuelaagricola #moto #reciclaje #argentina?? #viral #mecanica ♬ sonido original – santy herrera

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