WorldSBK to Introduce Standard ECU Package?

The WorldSBK scene is considering introducing a standardised electronic package for all bikes competing in the races.

This has been brought into light to make the sport more competitive and exciting for teams and riders taking parts and also for the spectators as well.

The regulated spec-ECU hopes to give a fighting chance for other teams and riders to make it on podium as the first five rounds of 2017 were clearly dominated by only Kawasaki and Ducati.

The WorldSBK has been going through a few evolutions for the past couple of years to make sure that the motorsport is up to date with current times. With the introduction of the new starting line up where the podium finishers in Race 1 will start from the third row in reversed order, the WorldSBK is doing everything they can to make the races as interesting as they can be.

Alex Lowes, Pata Yamaha Official WorldSBK Team

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Now, rumours are floating around the garages that they will be introducing a standard ECU (Electronic Control Unit) for 2018 in hopes that the races will give a fair competition to all manufacturers and teams in the WorldSBK arena. This option has been discussed for a while now to make the race more exciting and competitive for all competitors in the field.

The other reason why some folks are calling out for the unified electronic packages is probably due to the fact that the sport is being dominated by the likes of Ducati and Kawasaki. All 10 races in the past five rounds since the start of the 2017 season has clearly being conquered by Jonathan Rea from Kawasaki Racing Team and Chaz Davies from Racing Ducati squad.

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Actually, the podiums finishes for all of the 2017 races so far are all shared between just four different riders; Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes from Kawasaki, Chaz Davies and Marco Melandri from Ducati. No other manufacturers have stepped up to the podium spot so far.

This is probably due to the fact that Kawasaki and Ducati have the necessary funds and manpower to develop superior electronic packages for their bikes and riders while other manufacturers are somewhat limited in those two aspects. So, we can understand why there’s a calling for a standardised electronic package like MotoGP to even out the playing field.

All in all, there’s one question remains. Will the spec-ECU help the sport or will it affect the overall development of the manufacturer’s products when they go on sale in their respective showrooms? Well, race wins are a good way to promote the brands and products and those participating in the races do want to win.

We will only know in the near future whether the spec-ECU will be implemented in the world superbikes championship as how it is in MotoGP. One thing is for sure, an even playing field offers a much more interesting race instead of just seeing either green or red on crossing the finish lines time and time again.

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