World’s First Titanium-Built, Hayabusa-Powered Motorcycle Nearing Completion

In a groundbreaking development, the world’s first titanium-built motorcycle is nearing completion, leaving motorcycle enthusiasts in awe.

  • This remarkable project features a Suzuki Hayabusa engine encased in a breathtaking titanium frame, swingarm, exhaust, subframe, and bodywork.
  • the project is spearheaded by New Jersey custom builder W. Robert Ransom,

Titanium, known for its lightweight and robust properties, makes it an ideal material for various applications. Its strength surpasses that of aluminum while weighing only 60% more. Additionally, when exposed to high temperatures, titanium oxidises into captivating, permanent colors, making it highly desirable for motorcycle exhausts.

However, the adoption of titanium in motorcycle construction has been limited due to its high cost and challenging workability. The metal’s reactivity at elevated temperatures poses difficulties during welding, as it readily forms brittle compounds when exposed to ambient air. Moreover, titanium’s natural springiness in sheet form requires extra effort to shape it into intricate designs necessary for motorcycle bodywork.

Despite these challenges, New Jersey custom builder W. Robert Ransom, commissioned by a customer named Mohammed, undertook the ambitious task of creating an all-titanium motorcycle. Ransom aimed to showcase unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship in the motorcycle industry.

The heart of this groundbreaking motorcycle is a modified second-generation Suzuki Hayabusa engine, boasting around 200 horsepower. Nearly all components, including the stunningly curved tubular frame and rigid swingarm inspired by MotoGP designs, are meticulously crafted from titanium. The swingarm, slightly extended and designed for optimum cornering performance, is also constructed with curvaceous titanium tubing.

Among the remarkable features of this motorcycle is the custom 4-into-2-into-1-into-2 titanium exhaust system. With over 130 sections on the header pipes alone, this exhaust setup, along with its ram’s horn headers and teardrop-shaped under-seat cans, is an undeniable standout element.

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