Vios driver on motorcycle lane surrenders to police

The white Toyota Vios driver who was caught on camera driving up the wrong way on the Federal Highway motorcycle lane near Mid Valley has surrendered himself the police last night. The video went viral yesterday where the rider recording suffered a minor crash trying to avoid the oncoming car.

We also did some digging on why there was a motorcycle in front of the Toyota Vios going against traffic on the motorcycle lane. It turns out that the rider saw the Toyota Vios heading into the motorcycle lane to avoid traffic before getting stuck near a mini-roundabout right next to the Mid Valley Megamall.

The motorcycle rider was trying to assist the driver in getting out of the sticky situation by heading back up the road where the car got in the first place. Unfortunately, that caused a minor incident before the car was able to exit the motorcycle lane.

The authorities are currently investigating the issue which took place last Thursday at around 4.00 pm. Now that’s all settled, do you think the driver would’ve surrendered him or herself if the video didn’t go viral? Food for thought, folks.

Car on Federal Highway motorcycle lane causes accident

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