Triumph Motorcycles No. 1 in Thailand Despite Downturn

  • Triumph Motorcycles maintains the Number 1 position as a Western big bike maker in Thailand.

  • The manufacturer managed the feat despite an overall downturn in the Thai motorcycle market.

  • Triumph Motorcycles Thailand remains optimistic as the next two months usually mark high demand.

Triumph Motorcycles is still the best-selling Western motorcycle brand above 400cc in Thailand.

The British brand sold a total of 2,175 units by end-October despite a downturn which impacted all brands.

The number represents a 14.7% drop year-on-year, the first for Triumph since its entry into the market. Yet, the brand beat out other western brands by a large margin in total sales. In second place is BMW which has sold 1,226 units thus far, followed by Ducati with 709 units, and Harley-Davidson with 695.

Courtesy of Bangkok Post

The country’s general manager Jakkrapong Santirat remains upbeat, however. “But we are confident sales will improve over the two remaining months as the fourth quarter is the high season for motorcycles.”

Santirat cited a number of reasons for the drop. The country’s entire big bike market had shrunk due to lower purchasing power of the Thais. Additionally, potential buyers hesitated to purchase big bikes while current owners are still servicing their loans. Financial institutions have also tightened their approvals for loans.

Thailand’s Land Transport Department reported a total of 1.506 million new motorcycle registration, a decrease of 1.4% year-on-year.

We had the pleasure of visiting Triumph’s manufacturing facilities in Thailand in 2016, courtesy of Triumph Motorcycles Malaysia.

Triumph was the first Western big bike manufacturer to enter the kingdom. The first factory was opened in May 2002, producing components such as frames, fuel tanks, headers, swingarms, engine covers and chrome-plated parts.

The second Thai factory opened in 2006, complete with a painting facility and assembly line. Finally, the third plant opened in 2007 with high-pressure die casting and machining facilities. All factories are located in the Amata City Industrial Estate in Chon Buri. The three facilities have a combined investment of THB 3 billion.

A workforce of 1,100 workers produce some 80,000 bikes a year. The motorcycles are shipped to 57 countries afterwards. The number represents 65 to 70% of Triumph’s worldwide sales.

Source: Bangkok Post

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