Sur Ron Storm Bee Electric Dirt Bike Breaks Cover – 30hp, 520Nm 

Chinese electric bike manufacturer, Sur Ron has officially revealed the new Sur Ron Storm Bee electric dirt bike.

  • The Storm Bee is Sur Ron first full size electric dirt bike.
  • The Storm Bee produces 30hp and 520Nm. 

While the brand might be unknown to some of you, but Sur Ron has been manufacturing dirt bikes for many years now.

However, this is the first time Sur Ron actually built a proper dirt bike.

That said, it doesn’t just look the part but Storm Bee actually features impressive specs and performance. 

For instance, Sur Ron claimed the Strom Bee can hit a max speed of around 112km/h and capable of reaching 0-80km/h in under 4 seconds. Power is claimed to be 30hp and a whopping 520Nm. 

Sur Ron also claimed that the Storm Bee has a max range of 100km on a single charge.

Other notable features include proper dirt bike USD front forks and piggyback rear shock mated to a lightweight frame.

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