More Supercharged Kawasaki Motorcycles coming soon?

Based on a few reliable sources, more supercharged Kawasaki motorcycles will emerged in 2018 to follow up with the success of the Kawasaki H2 and H2R.

Following rumours mainly fuelled by images rendered by Young Machine, the possibility of seeing more than one forced induction bikes from Team Green is higher than we think.

So far, 2018 is looking at either the Kawasaki R2, S2 or H2 GT with the R2 being rumoured to be a middleweight supercharged bike with the ZX-6R styling.

Ever since the revival of the manic forced induction Kawasaki H2 and H2R as the world’s first ever production supercharged motorcycle, there has been a lot more news and rumours pointing towards the possibility of more supercharged machineries coming out from the giant green Japanese manufacturer.

Looking at all the news and rumours especially the renditions from a famous Japanese motorcycling magazine Young Machine, they’ve rendered around three possible supercharged two-wheelers from Kawasaki; the R2, S2 and H2 GT.

Although none of these said bikes have been confirmed just yet, we’ve concluded based on our research and a few reliable sources that the hype is more real than we think. The most likely out of the three is the already patented R2 which is said be powered by a middleweight supercharged 600cc engine.

If this turns out to be true, we reckoned that it will spearhead the revival of middleweight sports bike in the motorcycling industry. With less and less demand for this sort of bikes in the market, the R2 will definitely add a much needed excitement especially when the said supercharged engine can rival any litre sports bikes (or even put them to shame).

Some folks are also saying that the R2 might belong in the ZX-R family. So, does that technically mean the R2 will actually be a supercharged Kawasaki ZX-6R? The idea sounds so enticing that it’s sending an exciting tingling sensation down this particular writer’s back.

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Regarding the Kawasaki S2, there’s not much news surrounding it other than the rendered image from Young Machine. This is probably because it is said to be in the same category as the R2 with a supercharged 650cc twin engine similar to the Suzuki Recursion Concept project.

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The other reason is the fact that patents were already filed for the R2 while the S2 is still an idea floating around but as history has turned out so far, never say never.

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Considering the super successful supercharged litre bike from Kawasaki that is the H2 and track only H2R, coming up with an updated version is inevitable. The question now is how do you make something that’s already so good and crazy even better and crazier?

We again refer to Young Machine and the possibility of a new and improved H2 based on patents filed earlier this year showing a bike that looks like an H2 but with a much longer front fairing and moveable winglets. The new aero package is said to provide even more downforce than the present H2.

The moveable winglets indicate that Kawasaki is playing around with the idea of active aerodynamics which again, has never been applied to any production motorcycles before. If all goes well, Team Green will again dominate the two-wheel market and elevate the technology of motorcycles straight into the stratosphere.

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