Start-up Daal ANC creates tech that reduces helmet wind noise

Daal ANC showcases tech that reduces helmet wind noise by using active noise-cancelling technology.

  • Norwegian start-up Daal ANC shows off new DXL-5 kit that promises to reduce helmet wind noise.

  • The DXL-5 is a rather unique kit in this space as it harnesses Noise-Cancelling tech

  • Presently, it’s only compatible with the Nolan N-Com B 902 X and the X-Lite X1005 helmet.

Founded in Norway back in 2016, Daal Active Noise Control (Daal ANC) first began crowdfunding to develop its vision of creating technology to reduce helmet wind noise. A few years later, it partnered with Italian helmet-making giants Nolan Group on this tech and it’s now ready to introduce the first fruit of said partnership – the Daal ANC DXL-5.

What’s unique about the Daal ANC DXL-5 unit is its use of active noise-cancelling technology to curb in-helmet wind noise. How this works is a little hard to explain, but Daal ANC says it works to a degree that still allows riders to hear road traffic sounds and maintain safety.

Notably, the Daal ANC DXL-5 was designed to integrate with the Nolan N-Com B 902 X Bluetooth helmet comms unit and it functions seamlessly. Presently, the DXL-5 unit is designed to fit in the X-Lite X1005 helmet model only.

As for market availability, the first batch of Daal ANC DXL-5 units will be limited to an unspecified number, with this batch likely serving as a test to see its market reception. Daal plans to manufacture these throughout summer this year and commence shipment to customers during fall, 2022.

As for price, riders keen to purchase the Daal ANC DXL-5 from the first batch will need to pre-order it online via Daal ANC’s website and place a KR2,790 (approx. RM1,340.22) deposit. The total cost of a DXL-5 unit currently reads at KR5,990 (approx. RM2,877.40). aims to bring you the latest motorcycle news reviews videos and entertainment for everything related to motorcycles from around the world.

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