SHOEI Honours MM93 King Of COTA Status With A Limited Edition Helmet

Marc Marquez, a six-time MotoGP champion, has earned the title of “King of COTA” due to his unbeatable form on U.S. soil.

  • Marc Marquez wins six time in a row at the Circuit of the Americas between 2013 and 2018 earning him the “King of COTA” status. 
  • The limited-edition helmet is to honour Marquez’s amazing feat at COTA. 

Despite suffering a broken humerus and undergoing several surgeries in 2020, Marquez won at the Circuit of the Americas again in 2021. 

In honor of his winning record, Shoei has created a limited-edition Z8 helmet with an American Spirit graphic.

The special livery, worn by Marquez during the 2022 Grand Prix of the Americas, features a red, white, and blue color combination, stars and stripes integrated into the design, and Marquez’s signature number 93 emblazoned on both sides of the helmet. 

The helmet is made with Shoei’s eminent all-arounder, the Z-8 (RF-1400), which boasts extra comfort and an affordable mid-range price tag, making it a great option for road riding.

The Z-8 was updated recently with a newly improved ventilation system, a new visor-locking mechanism, and noise-diffusing, aerodynamics-enhancing Vortex Generators, making it the perfect all-rounder helmet. That said, the GP-accurate American Spirit graphic lends itself perfectly to the Z-8 model.

Shoei will release the limited-edition helmet in July 2023 with limited orders open through August 2023. The race replica will be available in sizes S (55cm), M (57cm), L (59cm), XL (61cm), and XXL (63cm) at a price of JPY71,500 (RM2.3k).

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