Schuberth Unveils New C5 Carbon Modular Helmet – RM7.4k

German helmet specialist Schuberth has announced the release of its latest flagship helmet, the C5 Carbon.

  • The helmet’s shell is entirely made of carbon fiber, making it 200 grams lighter than the standard version.
  • Shuberth plans to release only a limited number of the C5 each year. 

The C5 Carbon is packed with cutting-edge technology, created by experts from the Schuberth Performance division who specialize in Formula 1 helmets. The helmet has dual P/J certification and satisfies the latest ECE 22.06 standard, making it suitable for both full-face and open-face riding while meeting safety standards.


Schuberth’s C5 Carbon is designed with multiple layers of laminated carbon, similar to F1 helmets. That said the helmet is durable and is incredibly lightweight, making it ideal for long-distance rides. 


The helmet is available in seven sizes, ranging from XS to XXXL, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit for every rider.

The premium product comes with a hefty price tag of EUR1,499 (RM7,438), reflecting the helmet’s high-quality materials, manufacturing procedures, and exclusivity. 

Schuberth plans to produce a limited number of C5 Carbons every year, making it a rare and exclusive purchase for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The C5 Carbon is a highly desirable helmet for many riders, with its seal to prevent wind noise, lightweight design, and cutting-edge technology. The helmet is now available for purchase at Schuberth dealerships across Malaysia.

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