Qianjiang Reveals Plans for New V4 Engine

Qianjiang, the parent company of Benelli, is reportedly developing a new V-4 engine that will power the company’s future motorcycle models.

  • QJ Motor plans to introduce it’s own V4 engine in the near future.
  • The V4 powertrain is said to be around the 1L mark and offers more than 200hp. 

The engine has been featured in several patent applications published in China recently, revealing that it is a 90-degree V-4 engine with double overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder, somewhere around the 1,000cc mark.

*the new patent showcased a 90-degree V4 engine.

Although the engine’s intended motorcycle model is unknown, some of the patent drawings feature the QJMotor logo, indicating that it will appear in at least one model in the company’s fast-growing QJMotor range. However, Qianjiang already shares its current engines across both the QJMotor and Benelli lineups, making it likely that the V-4 engine will eventually appear under the Benelli banner.

QJMotor range already includes more than 30 motorcycles, ranging from 50cc to 900cc. Therefore, the addition of a V-4 engine will help the company achieve its goal of having every type of combustion engine in its motorcycle lineup.

Qianjiang’s new V-4 engine project is a significant step towards establishing the company’s presence in the high-performance market.

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