Pirelli Tyre Seminar returns for Round Two

The Pirelli Tyre Seminar returns to Passion Shop Malaysia for a more extensive look into the world of motorcycle tyres.

The intermediate level seminar focused more on types of tyre damages and what caused them.

Knowing the conditions of your tyres like uneven wears or external damages can help you determine the causes and how to remedy them effectively.

After several Pirelli Tyre Seminars conducted for a number of bikers and mechanics at Passion Shop Malaysia, the tyre masters returned to pass on their tyre knowledge for a selected group of individuals who joined the beginner’s seminars last year.

Exclusive tyre knowledge sharing session at Pirelli Tyre Seminar

The Pirelli intermediate seminar focused on a much more complex aspect of tyre knowledge and maintenance which is tyre diagnostics. Last Saturday, Mr Soo and Mr Justin returned once again to educate us on issues related to tyre conditions, failures and how to avoid them.

After a quick refresher on the beginner’s seminar and general construction of the tyre, Mr Soo showed us an assortment of tyre damages and what causes them. There were over 20 different cases in total and each of them tells a story on what has happened based on their conditions.

Most road users will tend to head back to the workshop that fitted the tyres in the first place to repair, replace or file for a warranty claim if they feel that the damaged tyre is not their fault. The folks at Pirelli will take them into consideration but will also ultimately look at a few listed points before taking it into consideration.

Things such as tyre fitness to the vehicle type, usage, tyre pressure, style or nature of riding, bike’s mechanical condition, load, routes direction and condition, and speed of travel just to name a few are taken into account.  All Pirelli authorised workshops will look at three different criteria; tyre performance, tread, and sidewall issues.

Most end users would focus more on the condition of the tyre tread. The most usual tyre issue is uneven tyre wear and surprisingly, almost all uneven wear issues are caused by either wrong tyre pressure, weight overload, or suspension-related factors. Keeping your tyres constantly inflated with the right recommended pressure is just one of the things you can do to prolong the life of the rubbers.

Mr Soo also touched on tyre storage condition by both workshops and end users. In some cases, some superficial cracks on the tread may appear due to how the bike is kept (probably prolonged exposure to the elements like hot sun).

Most tyre manufacturers will tell you that the tyres can still be used in some cases but extra monitoring is required from time to time. This is because that the damages are only on the surface and the rest of the rubber is still protecting the carcass. Other aspects like bumps, external cuts, and impact damages should be looked at by professionals for further advice.

When it comes to the side walls, that’s where things get a bit more interesting. End users should know that any damages caused by improper fitting or mounting to the rim can be claimed for compensation from the dealer or workshop. Most of the time, tyre fitting issues are normally caused by improper use of tyre mounting lubricant.

Based from the tyre manufacturer, tyre fitting must only use water or plant based lubricant to avoid damage or slippage and not soapy water and definitely not oily substance. Any harsh chemicals and oil-based products used on the tyre during fitting or mounting can cause damage in the long run.

At the end of the day, knowing a bit more on what connects you and your bike to the road will indeed help anyone to become a better rider. With the knowledge presented by the Pirelli Tyre Seminar and Passion Shop Malaysia, one can save money on tyre maintenance but more importantly keep you safe while out and about on your beloved bikes.

We here at Bikes Republic would like to thank the Pirelli masters and Passion Shop Malaysia for the invite to the eye-opening tyre seminar. Stay tuned to the Passion Shop Malaysia official Facebook page to know more about future tyre seminars.

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