Philippines Legal Counsel Plans To Ban Pillion Riding

Chief Presidential legal counsel, Salvador Panelo, plans to ban pillion riding to curb criminal activity involving motorcycles.

According to reports, authorities in the Philippines have been trying to find the best solution to curb motorcycle-related crime, and Panelo proposed an outright ban on pillion riding.

“Let’s ban another person from riding a motorcycle. Only one rider is enough,” he said during the launch of the Philippine National Police Tactical Motorcycle Riding Unit.

This is mainly because the pillion is primarily responsible for committing a crime while the rider assists in escaping.

Scooters and underbone motorcycles make for easy getaway vehicles, especially in the urban area where the traffic is high; hence become one of the leading transportation for criminals in the country.

Panelo also suggested the ban should also extend to family members.

“If we don’t outlaw riding-in-tandem, there will always be shootings because they can always pretend to be husband and wife, father and son,” Panelo concluded. – MotoPinas

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