New Kawasaki Chronograph Wristwatch “ZRX since 1997” – €149 (RM703)

  • The “ZRX since 1997” was made to honour the legendary naked bikes from Kawasaki, The ZRX 1100 and ZRX 1200

  • Two attractive colours available; Matte Black finish with either Green or Black face

  • The timepieces are available at at €149 (around RM703)

In the light of the 20th year anniversary of the Kawasaki’s legendary ZRX motorcycle, our friends from have brought their latest timepiece collection dubbed the “ZRX since 1997”. The wristwatch was designed to pay homage to the one of Kawasaki’s most iconic production motorcycles of all time, the 1997 Kawasaki ZRX 1100 and ZRX 1200.

The high quality timepieces are made in Germany with a huge dose of distinctive masculine design. Looking at the new matte black finish on the each individual timepiece reminisce the celebrated naked bikes from Kawasaki back in the day.

There are two colours available for the new Kawasaki timepieces; Matte Black and Green. The sporty XL-sized stainless-steel case with a diameter of 43mm is blackened electronically and provides the perfect backdrop for the bright green watch face displaying a black “ZRX since 1997” logo.

Like most functional wristwatches available in the market, the time is kept précised with quartz precision as well as other functions like a stopwatch measuring seconds, 60-minute split time display, 24-hour display and date function.

Interested in owning one of the babies? The matte black “ZRX since 1997” anniversary chronograph is available online for €149 (around RM703 after direct conversion without shipping) at Get them while they’re hot!

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