New Arrival! New SHARK Spartan Carbon Skin, SHARK Evo-One 2, SHARK D-Skwal, SHARK Ridill at Power Store Kota Damansara

  • New batch of SHARK helmets has arrived at the Power Store Kota Damansara.

  • They are the SHARK Spartan Carbon Skin, SHARK Evo-One 2, SHARK D-Skwal, SHARK Ridill.

  • Great timing for the new year!

Looking forward to having a new helmet for 2020? Good news, because the new New SHARK Evo-One 2, SHARK D-Skwal, SHARK Ridill in Stock at Power Store Kota Damansara.

A new batch with new exciting colours and graphics has just arrived. Let’s take a look at some of them.

SHARK Ridill 1.2

The SHARK Ridill 1.2 is probably the best value-for-money full-face helmet in the market. That’s because the helmet is equipped with some of the features available on more expensive helmets, for example the scratch-resistant visor, built-in sun visor, large vents for optimum airflow, and an aerodynamic shell. Priced at only RM 450, it’s unbeatable.

New colours are DRIFT-R Actif, STRATOM Anthracite Black, STRATOM MAT Black Red White, STRATOM MAT Anthracite Mat, STRATOM White Blue Red.


The SHARK D-Skwal was developed from the Skwal without the LEDs. The D-Skwal features and aerodynamic shell, an internal built-in sunvisor, anti-scratch visor and Pinlock anti-fog insert. All these for only RM 600.

New colours are BLANK KMA Black Mat, MERCURIUM MAT KAO Black Anthracite, MERCURIM KWR Black White Red, DHARKOV Mat KGX Black Green Glit, HIWO KWK Black White Black, HIWO MAT KAK Black Anthracite.

SHARK Evo-One 2

The Evo-One 2 is a distinctive and radical modular helmet. Rather than just flipping the visor and chinbar up, the two flip all the way to the back for a clean-looking jet-style helmet. It’s ideal for both touring and urban riding. Priced at RM 2,060.

New colours are LITHIOM DUAL KUR Black Chrome Red, LITHIOM DUAL KUR Black Chrome PU, SKULD MAT KWR Black White Red, SLASHER WKS White Black Silver.

SHARK Spartan Carbon Skin

The Spartan is an aggressive-looking helmet without breaking the bank to own one. But the Carbon Skin pushes its street cred quotient to another level. Light, quiet and stylish, it’s one helmet that gets everyone’s attention. Priced from RM 1,700.

SHARK Spartan Carbon Skin
3-G, Street Wing, Persiaran Mahogani
Sunsuria Avenue
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya

 Contact number: +6012-8003470

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