Motorcyclist gets RM300 fine from Department of Environment

It seems that the Department of Environment of Malaysia (Jabatan Alam Sekitar) has the power and authority to fine motorcycle owners if their bikes produce excessive levels of carbon monoxide (CO). One Facebook user shared his story on Facebook on how it all went down for him.

Amirul Azhar and his beloved Yamaha LC 135 was flagged down by authorities from the Department of Environment during one of their roadside operations. Their job is to check out how much carbon monoxide your bike produces using one of their high-tech probes.

Vehicles that produce carbon monoxide at 4.5% or lower pass the inspection, but for bikes that exceed that threshold, a fine of RM300 will be issued to the owner/rider. For Mr. Amirul Azhar and his 135cc kapcai, the level was at 9.93%, which is why he got the fine.

The good news is that the Department of Environment will give a 50% discount on the penalty amount IF you go through a couple of steps before making the payment. Owners will need to go a workshop to remedy the CO emission levels (keep the receipt, please).

The owner will then need to take his or her bike to PUSPAKOM to verify that the CO emissions levels are at 4.5% or lower before heading to the Department of Environment to pay for the fine. Don’t forget to bring the necessary documents from the workshop and PUSPAKOM, or else you won’t get the 50% discount.

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