Miguel Oliveira Survived 300 km/h Thanks to Shark Race-R Pro GP Helmet

  • Miguel Oliveira survived a horrific 300 km/h crash at Phillip Island.

  • A high gust of wind pushed him off the track.

  • One of the things that saved him was his Shark Race-R Pro GP helmet.

Red Bull KTM Tech 3 Racing rider Miguel Oliveira survived horror 300 km/h crash, thanks to his Shark Race-R Pro GP helmet.

The riders make it look easy on television, but they have to actually battle blustery winds up to approximately 30 km/h at the Phillip Island circuit. In fact, speeds as high as 63 km/h have been recorded.

Additionally, MotoGP bikes would hit more than 330 km/h at the end of the Gardner start/finish straight.

It was because of these conditions that Oliveira was pushed off the track by a strong crosswind at Turn One and onto the grass during the final FP4 practice at 300 km/h. He was then thrown onto the ground, smacking his head multiple times while tumbled on and on in the gravel pit.

You can watch the video below (Video credit Fox Sports and

The horrific accident not only caused the remainder of the session to be cancelled, but also prompted the riders to vote for the qualifying sessions to be moved to Sunday morning.

Thankfully, Oliveira survived the fall. He was however deemed unfit for the race due to bruised hands and lacerations all over his body, complicating the task of squeezing into his race suit. He did not suffer a concussion, thankfully.

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Credit has to go his Shark Race-R Pro GP helmet. The FIM had pushed for a new set of testing regulations earlier this year and the helmet has since been certified. Do note that the certification seeks to bring the lifesaving technologies of race helmets to consumers.

Check out how the helmet looks after the crash. The shell and face shield looked totally bashed up but neither were compromised. It was a real testament to the high standards of set by Shark Helmets.

That said, we hope Oliveira gets well soon.

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