Malaysian Stranded in Thailand Needs RM 200,000

  • A Malaysian man is stranded in Thailand following an accident.

  • He needs to pay RM 200,000 to the deceased Thai pedestrian’s family.

  • He also needs to undergo further medical care for the injuries suffered in the crash.

Yesterday, we ran a story about the type of insurance you need should you rent a scooter or motorcycle in Thailand. We published the article when we heard about a Malaysian couple being pressed to pay RM 200,000.

It turns out that the rider, Abdul Wahab Yahaya, 56, is still stranded in Thailand as he needs to settle that sum of money before he is allowed to leave. His passport is currently withheld by the authorities.

Wahab and his wife were riding on their rented motorcycle on 19thDecember in Krabi when they hit and killed a local pedestrian. Initially, the Thai’s family demanded a sum of RM 580,000 but lowered the amount to RM 200,000 after negotiations with Abdul Wahab’s lawyer.

According to Thai laws and customs, the vehicle operator bears the responsibility of running into a pedestrian, regardless of either party’s fault. Also, the vehicle operator must compensate for the death of the pedestrian.

According to Abdul Wahab’s son, Amirun, his father was discharged from hospital. However, he still requires follow-up treatments such as removing the sutures inside his mouth and surgery to remove the screw in his cheekbone.

Representatives from the Malaysian Consulate visiting Abdul Wahab – Picture credit Kosmo! Online

Abdul Wahab’s spouse has returned to Malaysia but requires further treatment as she suffered a concussion in the crash.

Furthermore, the Malaysian is required to attend court on 9thJanuary. The family has since employed a lawyer in Thailand.

Amirun appealed to the Malaysian public on 31stDecember for assistance in settling the RM 200,000 fee by setting up a fund. It has since collected RM 60,000 by 1stJanuary. You may contribute by banking in donations to Hasanah Abdul Wahab’s Maybank account 512875516248.

Amirun thanked the Malaysian public for their kind assistance. He is also thankful to the Malaysian Embassy for assisting in the case and sending food to his father.

Let’s pray that Abdul Wahab Yahaya receives a fair hearing and for his quick return to Malaysia.

Source: Kosmo! Online
Picture credit: Kosmo! Online

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