Kawasaki ZXR-750H1? No Wait, That’s a Kawasaki Z900RS

  • Spanish custom bike builder Japan Legends has a kit for the Kawasaki Z900RS.

  • It turns the bike into an old school half-naked superbike.

  • It definitely looks better than the stock Z900RS and Z900RS Café.

The Kawasaki Z900RS is the manufacturer’s modern-retro model; the successor of the legendary Z-1 but it may lack character to some folks.

Yes, the Z900-based inline-Four has a good kick and howling top-end but the bike is still styled in the UJM (universal Japanese motorcycle) format. The Honda CB1100R, (discontinued) CB400, the ol’ Kawasaki Zephyr 750 and 1100, among others have all used that same “template.” The Z900 RS Café looks better with the headlamp cowl but some scorned it as looking like the BMW R90S, instead.

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So, why not let Spanish custom bike builder Japan Legends spice up your Z900RS with a special kit they are building? Now Z900RS owners can transform their bikes into a Japanes classic sportbike.

Visordownpublished the pictures of a kitted-out bike which looks like the ol’ school ZXR-750H1 superbike. Additionally, the bike is resplendent in the classic Candy Apple Green, white and blue paint scheme. The only things missing are the iconic washing machine (intake) hoses that lead from the upper fairing into the top of the fuel tank.

The kit is a half-naked type, which exposed large parts of the engine.

Now, that’s a Kawasaki Z900RS we’d drool over.

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